Barry has been cooking in some of London’s finest kitchens for over 20 years. Accumulating awards, accolades, press acclaim and a Michelin* along his way to where he is at now at Hemingways Nairobi.

He began his career at in the capital at The Dorchester Hotel at 22 years old, under the guidance of Willie Elsener and then went on to work at one Michelin* Restaurant Chapter One under the guidance of John Wood…. more




Tim Freeman, Brew Bistro’s own Executive Chef, brings a wealth of experience and travel to Chopped. Having worked in Russia, Philippines, Portugal, and now Kenya. Chef Tim has worked in the White House when he was a young Chef, and also for Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck.

He believes in allowing the true ingredients of a dish to shine through, not taking away from the main component. Like a scientist, he approaches cooking with the idea that food is more than we can see or taste… more




I was lured into the culinary world when my passion for the industry and for food was recognized at a tender age of nineteen. Inspired by my family and especially my grandmother, Nana Edith, I Went on to study at the Tops Chefs Culinary Institute in Nairobi, where I further learned to develop my own unique style and flair. I continued with my career working in exclusive restaurants and hotels such as The Xanadu Bistro, Serena hotels both in Kenya and Uganda, had brief exposures at St. Geram Hotel, Mauritius one of the leading hotels in the world, Ostau De Baumaniere Restaurant … more





has 12 Year work experience. She has been in the retail industry for 10 Years. She took on the position of a Loyalty program Manager in 2008 at Nakumatt Holdings Ltd. The Nakumatt Loyalty program is the largest in E.A. with the largest customer base. She has previous experience in Hotels as well!

She has worked under the guidance of the best CEO’s running the largest retail chains in East Africa.

Annette has a passion for being with the people, listening to good music and can’t miss out where there is real food made real good.




is CEO & Founder of Eat Out, the region’s premier online restaurant search and booking engine. With a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the prestigious University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), Mikul has worked with global brands, including the likes of Promethean AV & SMART Technologies, developing IT & AV solutions for the UK Education Sector. With years of experience in online marketing and e-commerce, Mikul is also a serial entrepreneur. He previously launched internet start-ups & in the UK. Since returning to Kenya, Mikul has focused on developing online and mobile based solutions for the hospitality sector, including the award winning Eat Out, mobile based cinema portal and the soon to be launched Destinations portal. Mikul has been heavily involved with the dynamic local ICT scene. He is currently a mentor at IPO48 at the iHub Nairobi, writes for Management Magazine & Business Daily, and was a speaker at TEDx Nairobi in 2010.



1. Tile & Carpet Centre and WMF



Tile & Carpet Centre partners with another global brand-WMF. WMF is not just a brand but is an experience! Innovative and customer-oriented for more than 150 years! Generations have appreciated WMF’s tableware and kitchenware because of their superior functionality and design qualities.

The WMF group maintained their global position with flexibility and far-sightedness and have developed into a modern design-conscious business, supplying all leading international hotel and restaurant chains.


2. Nero Company Ltd.


Nero Company Ltd. is a Kenyan company that focuses on the production and sale of luxury goods items. Executive Still Water is the pioneer brand of the Nero product catalog, and represents the company’s interest in the bottled water market.

Executive Still Water comes from an aquifer within the Rift Valley. The natural filtration provides the water with its delicate taste, impeccable purity, and nutritional mineral content. The water is offered both in 500 ml and 900 ml sizes, and each bottle is hermetically sealed to ensure freshness. Executive Still Water is distributed exclusively to selected bars, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, which best cater to the Executive brand image.

Executive Still Water is the choice for the selective customer, offering superior water in an elegant bottle to suit your own sense of style and function. When it comes to your water, always make the Executive decision.


3. Nakumatt


Nakumatt Holdings passionately believe in active social engagement with their customers and environment,and have ensured it constitutes a core part of their business. They continue to spearhead various community development in project health,entrepreneurship,sport,culture,environment,education,and urban restoration.

They have worked hard to build solid relationships with customer, employees,supplier,corporate partners and with the east africa community at large.This has contributed to theirr impressive roll of honour,which includes prestigious and coveted local and international accolades.