Sauti Sol and Soma Soma Initiative


Launched in December 2012 at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa; Sauti Sol’s Soma Soma Initiative was set up by the band to advocate for education for all youth in Kenya and Africa. The band deems education as paramount for a strong foundation for any nation’s future people and workforce and absolutely the hope for Africa untapped and potential regardless of socio-political and economic stratification. Sauti Sol’s song Soma Kijana off their sophomore album, Sol Filosofia is the title track of this project that emphasizes on its message.

Sauti Sol’s mission with the Soma Soma Initiative is to inspire and mentor youth on matters pertaining education. The band’s heartfelt regards goes to Jane Mwengi and Annette Mokua, two pupils from Aga Khan Aacdemy who approached Sauti Sol through a letter. “Music speaks very closely to the hearts of many and plays a big role in the life’s of the young people. It is something they can call their own and identify with. Sauti Sol is the only group that bridges the gap between the old and the young and we are asking that you partner with us.” That was the start of the project that continues.