DJ Spin Easy

dj spin easy

Growing up in the Harlem – Heights section of Manhattan, from the age of 9, Spin learned how to play several instruments including the saxophone, violin and trumpet.

Spin got the name Spin Easy from his days as a professional break-dancer / b-boy. He was featured in films, music videos and TV commercials, including participating in the battle scene for the original Hip-Hop movie “Beat Street” at the Roxy roller-skating rink.

Spin currently splits his time between NYC and Australia, touring 80 to 100+ shows per year across the globe. Spin is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. He has residencies in some of the hottest clubs in the major city centers of the world including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Salvador, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Hobart, Winnipeg and Beijing.

Hailing from New York City with several years of experience rocking clubs on 6 continents in over 30 cities with residencies in over 15 clubs around the world, Spin is sure to rock your party and deliver a lasting and enjoyable experience for your guests.

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