Bean Interactive


A digital marketing agent, the next level digital marketing agent, the big idea digital marketing agent. Has a mantra “Conversation is the new Conversion.” and believes in getting your market to interact and talk about your brand rather than just helping you shout about it.

Bean was born in late 2009 as a Mobile Proximity Marketing Guy, East Africa’s first and became the first to bring technologies such as Bluetooth Marketing to the fore in Kenya to great Success

Hood Junction


The Hood Junction is an online platform that was created in 2012. They are focused to bring you a wide range of information on what is going on in the country.

Their  main coverage areas include -:Events,Raves,Parties Hot spots around the country and Advertising in Kenya.


Kiss FM

Kiss 100 Logo

Kiss100 Fm is a broadcast radio station from Nairobi, Kenya providing Top 40/Pop, Adult Contemporary, Reggae and Hits music.

It is also a leading radio station in Kenya with the best presenters, news team, and fresh reloaded music. Catch-up the latest info, entertainment and wholesome programming right from Big Breakfast to Late Night Kiss.


XFM new logo

X Fm is a broadcast radio station from Nairobi, Kenya providing Rock and Hits music.Their main programs include The Rude Awakening, The Mid Morning Show,True Amor and The HomeRun.

Its aim is to promote value and culture of the country through Rock and Hits music which corresponds with urban youths of Kenya,



Established in 1987,they have shaped and built business on they founding principle of providing a variety of affordable,quality brands as well as excellent and superior service to our customers.Their formats include convenience stores,supermarkets and hypermarkets. They serve 200,000 customers per day and offer a range of over 75,000 products.

As Nakumatt Holdings,they passionately believe in active social engagement with their customers and environment,and have ensured it constitutes a core part of their business. They continue to spearhead various community development in project health,entrepreneurship,sport,culture,environment,education,and urban restoration.

They have worked hard to build solid relationships with customer, employees,supplier,corporate partners and with the east africa community at large.This has contributed to theirr impressive roll of honour,which includes prestigious and coveted local and international accolades.