Märzen (Alc. 5.4%v/v)









A copper colored lager that was traditionally brewed in March (Märzen in German) & aged until early autumn for consuming at Oktoberfest. Smooth, mediumbodied, slightly malty beer with a mild hop bitterness.

Common names for Märzen include Märzenbier, Wiener Märzen, Festbier, and Oktoberfestbier.

ChuiKolsch (Alc. 4.8%v/v)


This is a 100% malt, German style pale blond ale, crystal clear with a light body, medium bitterness & clean taste. A perfect refreshing beer for those hot sunny days.

Simpils (Alc. 5.2%v/v)


This is a classic medium bodied 100% malt Pilsner brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law), has a complex but well balanced malty character, a flowery hop aroma, a dry finish and a golden blond colour with excellent clarity. The hops contribute a definite clean but not overwhelming bitterness.

Temstout (Alc. 5.2%v/v)


A classic black full bodied beer with a lovely creamy head, distinguished by its aromas of coffee, roasted malt & dark chocolate with a pleasing bitter note that lasts as long as it should. A fine fulsome stout with a taste that does not disappoint.

Nyatipa (Alc. 6.5%v/v)


This is a 100% malt deep copper coloured style pale ale, well rounded, bitter, medium bodied & has an ideal head of foam. The hop flavour and aroma are balanced by medium maltiness. The Nyatipa is ideal for all lovers of hops and makes a great delicious brew.

Kifabock (Alc. 6.5%v/v)


A full bodied 100% malt, Belgian style Dubbel Bock with an intense malt flavour, chocolaty & caramel overtones, a lightly hopped aroma & a golden brown colour. Enjoy it don’t abuse it.